Day Center started its activities in 2001.

Daily Activity Center is a budget institution of Kretinga District Municipality. It is a social care facility that provides social care services to adults with mental, mental and physical disabilities with a structural unit of inpatient social care. Social care is a set of services that provide a person with complex support that requires constant specialist care. Currently, 43 adults with disabilities ranging from 0% to 55% are attending DVC.  


Mission of the Day Activity Center:

  • analyze and evaluate DVCs as an integrated part of the state social system for clients with mental, mental, physical disabilities over the age of 18;
  • purposefully plan DVC activities; to seek the rational allocation, redistribution and use of financial, material and labor resources; continually evaluate and improve DVC activities and adjust them to needs, achievements and changes;
  • control the implementation of DVC's strategic and operational objectives. 

Vision of the Day Activity Center: 

  • carrying out social employment and inclusion activities;
  • providing high quality social services to clients;
  • optimally meeting the needs of the district society;
  • a constantly evolving social services institution for adults with intellectual, physical and mental disabilities, integrated into the unified system of provision of social services in the country.

The purpose of the Day Care Center is to provide effective and qualified social care for people with intellectual, mental and physical disabilities who require it, and to achieve greater autonomy in all areas of their lives by integrating them into public life.


Tasks of the daily activity center:

  • To provide good quality social care services for adults with mental, mental or physical disabilities who have an identified need for a day or short-term social care service;
  • To create appropriate conditions, taking into account the special needs of the disabled, to develop their employment, creative abilities, social skills, strengthen their physical activity, health, self-management skills and independence;
  • To develop and strengthen the abilities and opportunities of the disabled to solve their social problems independently, to maintain social relations with the society, as well as to help overcome social exclusion;
  • To prepare and implement programs and projects for improving the quality of social services;
  • To form a humane attitude of the society towards persons with mental, mental and physical disabilities, promoting their specific jobs and opportunities, directing the public's attention from the disability of these persons to their powers, abilities and creativity;
  • To develop the diversity of social services, taking into account DVC's financial capabilities, material base and the needs of the disabled.

In its activities, the Day Activity Center is guided by:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • By the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Decisions of Kretinga District Municipal Council.
  • Daily Activity Center Regulations.



Last updated: 02-04-2020

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